Accessorize the Bohemian Way

Every season brings a new set of trends to add to your jewelry box. This year, the jewelry trends are leaning towards a more bohemian theme.  What does bohemian mean? Fashion inspired from the Hippie Movement of the 1960s and 1970s.  Think everything with a free flowing and relaxed look. The boho style always has a Native American or South Asian influence. Some of the bohemian jewelry staples include: gemstones, big hoops and dangling earrings. 
Here are four bohemian jewelry trends worth giving a try:
1.      Chokers
Chokers were a highlight on Spring 2016 runways from New York to Milan. This fashionable neck wear comes in lace, metallic, embellished and beaded.  To really embrace your inner bohemian, look for beaded or braided ones or chokers with tribal pendants in the center.
2.      Long Statement Necklaces
Layering necklaces is a signature of bohemian style. Look for statement necklaces with crystals, a long chain with a pendant and tassle/fringe details. These necklaces layer well with other necklaces and give a spiritual allure.
3.      Body Jewelry and Anklets
The Asian-style luxurious body jewelry pieces are a must-have summer 2016 accessory. You can take your maxi dress to another level by layering it with body jewelry. It is a new way to showcase your curves and highlight your chest or midriff. We tend to neglect the idea of accessorizing our ankles, but anklets give your bare feet at the beach an extra sparkle and spices up a simple sandal. Multi-wrapped chain ankles are the best way to go for a gypsy feel.
4.       Nothing Matchy and One Earring
Be free this summer by letting one earring go and not matching your earrings together. Mix it up with a large earring and a stud.  If that’s too far for you, then aim for earrings that differ in tiny details.  

-The Pinkwell

Contributor: Paulette Wilson

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