All White Outfit– Rules to Chic Perfection

For years, the all-black outfit has been a “go-to” for many women. However, wearing an all-white outfit tends to give many of panic attacks. What color undergarments do I wear? How do you avoid getting a stain on it? How can this work?

While you don’t have to devote yourself to having closet of white items, the all-white outfit is something worth giving a try. Let’s face it, you feel a lot cooler when wearing white versus black on a hot and sunny day. 

Check out these three ways to slay the all-white outfit.

STYLE ONE:  A white simple dress, romper or jumpsuit. You can choose any style or cut you want, as long as it’s a crisp shade of white.

STYLE TWO: Matching sets. There are plenty of sets out there ranging from crop tops with pencil skirt to tanks with shorts. 

STYLE THREE: Wear Separates. Just find two white pieces that go together well.

What are the keys factors to having a successful all white outfit?

  1. Shape. You can create a sense of structure with how you coordinate your white items. If you are wearing a bottom with volume, keep the top half fitted. If you are wearing skinny pants, you want to balance it with a breezy top. You can cinch in flowing dresses with a belt.
  2. Texture. There is nothing more chic than experimenting with textures. Try different combinations like chiffon with cotton, or leather with silk.  
  3. Layering. While we tend to layer more in the fall and winter months, you can still layer up in the summer. Layering your white items help to add depth to your overall look. You can wear a cropped jacket over a long tank or layer lightweight tanks together.

If the idea of an all-white outfit still makes you a bit scared, you can add a splash of color to your outfit with accessories. You can go Grecian glam with metallic accessories or add a brightly colored clutch to avoid stark whiteness. 

Wishing you a Happy Summer, 

The Pinkwell

Contributor: Paulette Wilson

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