Keeping it Kimono Cool


Are you ready to be a part of the Gypsy warrior era? Okay, don’t freak out. I’m just hinting to a piece of outerwear with Japanese origins. Kimono jackets and cardigans are becoming a must have for this summer whether you are going to a music festival or to the beach. 

The Japanese inspired attire is flattering on any body type with a comfortable fit and wide flowing cut.  Kimonos come in different shapes and lengths. Longer styles create a leaner shape, but you can always add an elasticized belt to emphasize your curves a bit more. 

There are many ways you can incorporate these boho-inspired garments into your personal style.  Pair it with a crop top and skirt combo. Pair it with a tank or tee and flared jeans for a seriously bohemian look.  Add a layer to your romper or your summer dress with this airy outerwear. 

Add some color to your all-black or all-white outfit. Keep in mind that the kimono jacket’s color should be complementary to the color of your outfit. Throw a kimono over a graphic tee with some shorts. Wear your Japanese influenced garment as a top and pair it with shorts. Don’t forget to layer underneath with a bralette or bodysuit. Of course, you can wear your kimono as a swimsuit cover up.

For a printed kimono and plain shirt combo, you can either put on a neutral top underneath or one in bright color. For a printed kimono and a printed shirt combo, you just have to remember the mix print rule of mixing two prints with a common neutral tone. 


Kimonos come in various solids or prints. They can include details at the hem like fringe.They can be made with fabrics like lace, velvet or silk.  If you are find somewhere too chilly or just want something on your shoulders, the kimono is the perfect solution.

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The Pinkwell

Contributor: Paulette Wilson

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