TREND NOTICE- Off the Shoulders!

TREND NOTICE- Off The Shoulder:
Now lets talk about one of my most favorite fashion trend: off the shoulder! This trend was first seen in the 1960’s on Brigitte Bardot. Obviously, a lot of the trends from the 1900’s are coming back, I love it! This trend officially came into full affect after it was seen on the runway in 2016. If you weren’t wearing off the shoulder summer 2016 then you sure are this summer! All celebrities are wearing them left and right, but some of my most favorite off the shoulder tops have been from our first lady, Michelle Obama, the Kardashian- Jenner sisters, and Adrienne Houghton.
Now let’s talk about what item the spotlight is on: Emma Floral Off Shoulder T-Shirt.
This floral print off the shoulder top is so flowy and soft, it was so easy to pair with anything; whether you want something casual or dressy. You can do it all with this top!
What caught my attention was the color combination. When you think of pink, you usually don’t think of blue. Since they are both soft pastel colors, they compliment each other. I love floral, its so chic and feminine. So not only do you have the floral trend, but you also have the off the shoulder trend all in one top!
One shirt = 3 styles! Save that money honey!
How I styled it:
Look #1: Cotton Candy
This look is so flowy and flirty. I’d wear this for a girls day out or a date with my boyfriend. It’s casual yet so feminine!
I want the pink in the shirt to stand out so I decided to pair it with this pink flared skirt. I didn’t want to take away from everything going on up top so I just paired it with simple gold sandals. Kept the accessories very light so that all focus can be on my top.

Look #2: Flirty Gal
In this look I decided to go a bit “casual” with classic white distressed jeans. I really want the focus to be on the shirt since its so fun and trendy. You can never go wrong with a white pair of jeans! I’d wear this to go to happy hour or a day time event. I paired this with my pink blush colored heels. OH, just because I said casual doesn’t mean I cant rock my heels lol! The shirt already stands out so I’m just adding a pop of color to bring myself back to life with these pink heels!

Look #3: Casual while Cute?
This is an everyday outfit you can wear to go run errands or to go to a cookout. I paired this top with white ripped shorts. I tucked the front part of the shirt in to give it a flirty touch. I’m wearing my all white Roshe’s to make this look comfortable. Can you still look cute while being casual? Of course, the top stands out on itself, you just have to let the rest of the outfit flow. Just because you throw on sneakers doesn’t mean you stop being cute!

I hope you all enjoyed how one piece can make so many looks! You don’t need to purchase something new every time you go out. Go look in your closet and recreate many looks with one piece! Make sure to check out Blush Boutique at Waugh Towne Centre in Gambrills, MD! If that’s too far, don’t worry, visit their online site: Also, make sure to check out their social media to stay informed of new shipments.

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Thank you Blush Boutique for this opportunity and thank you all for visiting my page. If you’d like to see more blog posts like this one, PLEASE let me know through any of my social media! Until next time.

Emily Vasquez

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