Trend Report: What’s hot in style this summer?

Style is not something that you can buy from a label, or imitate by simply knowing the latest trends. It is organic; it develops and grows with your personality. Only you can create and define your style.  Summer is a great season for refining your style.  Go for functionality and comfortable along with being trendy.

This year, skin is very in, so be bold about showing off your assets in all the right places. For those who like to retain a sophisticated modesty in their attire, there’s a lot for you too.  2016 is all about the au naturel, and accentuating what the Creator gave you rather than name-brands, makeup and embellishments.

Here, take a look at the current summer trends:


·        Time to go off the shoulder

Off the shoulder is the ripest trend to have been showcased this year.  What better time to flaunt your upper body than during the outdoorsy vibes of summer. This style can add so much glamour to your casual wear, and a great deal of boldness to your attire.


The peasant-like top off the shoulder is all the rage, and it is also the perfect way to show your feminine and romantic side.  Warm weather calls for baring beautiful bones and those lovely shoulders. But if you want to play it modest and safe, you can always go for the cut- out, peekaboo shoulders or even a more conservative sleeveless shell.  


·        Bohemian vibes are strong

Perhaps as an ode to Mother Nature, fashion has found its way back to its roots, and floral numbers, Boho prints and the entire gypsy aura is trending.

From Gucci to Dolce &Gabanna, floral numbers are being seen everywhere , and loose-fitted Maxi dresses with brightly-colored, ethnic patterns have taken over runways. Maxi skirts have made a delightful entry into casual wear, and the variety being shown is fabulous. If you’re a Boho lover, this is the fashion news you’ve wanted to hear all your life!


·        Seduction of the slip dress

The most iconic fashion staple to have hit the runways this year: ladies, allow me to introduce the slip dress. It is a wonderfully voguish reincarnation of the pretty little black dress, only this isn’t pretty, it’s sexy and chic, ten times over.

A slip dress is the best way to revamp your black tie look, and make a style statement that leaves everyone awe-struck!


-The Pinkwell

Contributor: Ross Lowe Media Associate

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