The Pinkwell Blogger Club

Let me introduce to you The Pinkwell Blogger Club! By joining The Pinkwell Club you’ll be signing up for perks and benefits with our boutique! For clarification, Blush Boutique is our brick and mortar store, while The Pinkwell is our online store. I will be referring to each throughout this document.
The Pinkwell Club is a blogger program where bloggers write articles for us to post on our website,, and an exchange of promotion on each of our social media pages. In exchange for your writing and promotions, you will receive perks and benefits from our brand. The more you write quality pieces to publish on our website and promote our brand through your blog site and social media pages, the better the rewards, like discounts and exclusive invites to events.

You must have a few requirements to join The Pinkwell Club. First, loving fashion and being stylish and knowledgeable on current trends is a must. Second, you must have a blog dedicated to lifestyle and fashion, and be an excellent writer. Lastly, you need an Instagram and/or Facebook account. If all of these boxes are checked yes, you need to send an inquisition email (please find contact and necessary application information at the end of page) with appropriate information about yourself to our management. Then our management must go through your accounts and blogs to approve your content and audience. Once approved, you are a part of our club and can start participating in a partnership with The Pinkwell and Blush Boutique.

We are looking for talented writers and fashionistas to write blogs for our website. This is what the promotion entails: once you find an item you like and it’s approved by management, you would begin writing your blog article. This article should be several paragraphs long. The content of the article should include the following aspects: multiple ways to style the item, events or occasions to wear the item, information about the trend it speaks to, and/or similar celebrity styles. Our blogs are informational as well as fun. Your blog article must mention Blush Boutique and you should include links to our website and social media accounts. Once the blog article is approved, we require that it is posted to your blog site and two promotional posts should be made to your social media accounts, with a shout-out to our pages and website in the comments, as well as a tag in the picture. We will also post the article on our website and include links to your blog and information about the author. We will then post two promotional posts on our social media account mentioning you and your blog in the comments as well as tagging you in the photo. With over 10k combined followers, we want to work together with you in promoting your blog to our followers as well! Each collaboration between you and our brand will follow these guidelines to ensure we are both benefiting from our partnership.

Perks and benefits that you receive depend on your dedication to blogging for our company! We are always getting new styles in so we always have a need for new blogs to be published and are constantly on the lookout for fashionable women who can promote these styles! Below is a chart of how often you can write blogs for us, and the benefits of the frequency you choose.

The Pinkwell Club Levels and Respective Perks

Level 1: 1-3 blog articles published within12 months.* All purchases made for your blog post will be 30% off. For items not related to your blog posts for us, you will receive a complimentary15% off. You are automatically added to our Member Loyalty Program. You are automatically considered a VIP to be notified for events and sales. You will receive an exclusive invitation to our semiannual Blogger Bash as an honored guest!

Level 2: 4-6 blog articles published within 12 months.  All purchases made for your blog post will be 35% off. For items not related to your blog posts for us, you will receive a complimentary 20% off. You are automatically considered a VIP to be notified for events and sales. You will receive an exclusive invitation to our semiannual Blogger Bash as a featured guest!

Level 3: 7 (or more) blog articles published within 12 months All purchases made for your blog post will be 40% off. For items not related to your blog posts for us, you will receive a complimentary 25% off. You are automatically considered a VIP to be notified for events and sales. You will receive an exclusive invitation to our semiannual Blogger Bash and be headlining the event!

*please note: the one year timeline begins with your first blog published. All blog published will be recorded to track your involvement during this year.

Naturally, everyone wants to get more of a discount for their items! So, how do you get to the top level to start receiving 40% off merchandise for your blog pieces? Easy! To ensure accountability for blog posts required in each level, every blogger starts receiving the benefits from Level 1. As the number of blogs published increases, your level in our club and your benefits increase in response. So always be on the lookout on our social media accounts and websites for new pieces that pop up on our website and social media pages, as that could be the piece that will bump you up to the next level! As a VIP you will also be the very first to see our upcoming collections, and be the first to know about sales, and events!
By joining The Pinkwell Club, you will also automatically be joining our Member Loyalty Program. With this program, you will be earning a point for every dollar spent with us. Every 100 points earned you received a $10 off coupon. In addition, refer a fellow blogger friend and if approved and added into the club, you will receive 50 points on your account. You are allowed to use Member Loyalty Program coupons in combination with your discount. You are NOT allowed to use your discount for sale items, or during store wide sales, discounts, or promotions.

Twice a year, Blush will host an exclusive, bloggers only event. With music and drinks, we can all have a chance to meet with other members, network and discuss possible collaborations. In addition, bring a fellow blogger friend to this event! Remember, referring other bloggers earns you points in the Member Loyalty Program, and this is a perfect chance for an undecided friend to turn into the Clubs newest Member. Please note there is an occupancy limit, so please request a guest pass as soon as the opportunity is available. We will talk about the upcoming season trends and what everyone would like to see in our store. As fashionistas and bloggers we value your style and opinions so we’d love to get your input for our future collection!

I’m sure by now you are aware of what makes this boutique special: we only receive 3-6 of each piece we get in, and then we rarely restock that same item again. As a blogger, that’s ideal; rarely will other bloggers or friends in general be found wearing the same piece as you. However, we recognize that this aspect of our store can be seen as a double edged sword. Since you will be a consistent blogger for us, your blog articles must adhere to critical deadlines to make sure your posts will be out while we still have inventory of that piece in the store to sell to both of our followers. Please take a look at the following to see deadline dates.

Deadline Date Action(s) Required

By 9pm Day 1: Find desired item through Social Media, website, or by coming in to the store. Email management for approval on item.* Once the item is approved, the item will be held for you until your next deadline.

By 9pm Day 3: Finish and submit written blog for approval by management. Management will approve within 48 hrs of submission. Your article must be approved before purchasing item with your blogger discount. Item will continue to be held for you until your next deadline.**

By 9pm Day 7: Please arrange time to come to Blush Boutique to try on an item, after confirming fit you may purchase the item and accessories with respective discount. You can only purchase items from a manager so it is critical to inform us when you will be able to stop by the store.

By 9pm Day 9: Send photos to management for approval. 

By 9pm Day 10: Photos will be approved within 24 hrs. Once photos are approved, we will decide what time the following day to post the blog to BOTH accounts (The Pinkwell website and your blog site). The first social media promotion must be posted at minimum 1 hour before the article is released as a teaser (The social media promotion can be posted as soon as the photos are approved).

By 9pm Day 11: Blog will be published to BOTH accounts. The second social media promotional must be posted a day apart from the first social media post.

*Consider the inventory amount of the item you select; we most likely won’t approve your item if there is only two left in stock.
**If blog is not completed within deadline, the item will be returned to store inventory and you could potentially lose the chance to write about this item.
If you are unable at any time to adhere to this guideline, please contact management immediately. Please note: if you fail to meet a deadline, you risk losing the chance to buy the piece with either of your discounts, and risk your membership in The Pinkwell Club.

All bloggers MUST come in store to try on the item you are interested in. We order from 80 different vendors, and some tailor for juniors, some for women, meaning some fit small, some big. Because of how different our size range is, we need to make sure that the piece is fitted properly for your body size and type. Plus, coming in store gives you a chance to get accessories for a discounted price as well, remember everything bought for that outfit will be included in your blog discount! It will also give you an opportunity to met management, staff and/or owners, and get a personal understanding and vibe of our store to help write about in your article.
For every blog article related outfit, only ONE of each of the following category is included in your blog discount: one pair of shoes, one necklace, one bracelet, one pair of earrings, one ring, one scarf, one belt, one hat/hair accessory, and one purse. Your purchases and pictures will be tracked by management.
Also, please be aware that we only require one blog per item; if you like an item and want to write about it and use your bloggerdiscount to buy it, you need to call it first! All items are on a first come, first serve basis, and high ranking members do NOT have priority over other members. I will be checking the list of other bloggers’ past and pending projects before giving anyone a go head, so you know whatever piece you choose is yours alone to work on for our blog! We ask that you respect your fellow bloggers’ work with us!

Social Media Information
IG: blushboutiquemd ; thepinkwell
Facebook: Blush Maryland

Are you interested in becoming a member of our Club? If so, please fill out the following information and send it back to me to be added in The Pinkwell Club!
Blog Name:
Social Media Accounts and Respective Followings:
Birthday (include year please):
Size/ Measurements:
What Club level are you interested in becoming?

Do you have any questions about The Pinkwell Club that this document didn’t cover yet? Bring your concerns to my attention by reaching out to me through email. This is a program I made for YOU and I want it to benefit both yourself and our brand. Please feel free to contact me about anything related to our collaborations, whether it be questions, concerns, or new ideas for this program, I will always be open to hearing what you have to say! Thank you so much.

General Manager